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Our Products

These are some of our products. Hope you like it!

Our Services

These are some of our services. Hope you like it!

Fire Suppression Systems Installation & Maintainence

SAFETY ACCESS INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. is also qualified in providing fire protection systems installation & maintenance. FM-200: is a clean, colorless, and environmentally friendly fire suppression [...]

Civil Construction

The initial success of SAFETY ACCESS INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. was in the field of Civil construction. The company had been involved in large Civil, Electrical [...]

Safety Services

One of our services is those provided by Kee safety organization, which we have a distribution agreement with for all of its products. We have [...]

Fire Protection Systems

SAFETY ACCESS specializes in Passive Fire Protection (PFP). A passive Fire Protection system works to slow the spread of fire through a building with the use [...]

What We Do

``We mean what we say, we do what we say``

SAFETY ACCESS INDUSTRIES CO. deliver safety/industrial products and services, to cater the needs of customers. We are committed towards providing quality, safety products, and services to our customers. We aim at satisfying our customers by providing the best value for money. The continual update with the social and economic changes by the company is initiated to support the new vision 2030.

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