Fire Protection Systems

SAFETY ACCESS specializes in Passive Fire Protection (PFP).

A passive Fire Protection system works to slow the spread of fire through a building with the use of fire and smoke barriers to compartmentalize and contain the fire to a specific area.

1.1 Steel Fire Protection System:

1.1.1 Intumescent: SAFETY ACCESS intumescent systems offer the most versatile and cost-effective solutions for reliable fire protection steelwork

1.1.2 Cementations: SAFETY ACCESS are specialist applicators of a unique lightweight and cost-effective mortar-based system providing up to 4 hours life protection to structural steel.

1.13 Hydrocarbons: SAFETY ACCESS hydrocarbon fire protection coatings range has been specifically formulated to protect steel structural elements from hydrocarbon fire exposure.

1.2 Fire Stop Systems:

SAFETY ACCESS is qualified to perform most contemporary firestopping application. As a certified installer of all leading brands, SAFETY ACCESS has built a reputation on high-quality installations and responsive service.


  • Through penetrations
  • Slab Edge at Exterior
  • Top of Wall Joints
  • Vertical Joints
  • Wall Terminations
  • Finish Applied Firestop
  • Expansion Joint Firestop

1.3 Fire and Blast Protection

SAFETY ACCESS provides a non-combustible low-density calcium silicate board, used for the construction of fire-resistant ducts, ceilings, and walls. Also, SAFETY ACCESS provides a unique, high-performance composite fire panel with highly blast, impact and moisture resistant. designed to be load bearing.