Safety Services

One of our services is those provided by Kee safety organization, which we have a distribution agreement with for all of its products. We have the skilled manpower to serve all of the below products:

1.Kee Guard: A freestanding fall protection system that does not penetrate the roof membrane. It is fully tested and meets or exceeds rooftop safety requirements.

2.Kee Line: An engineered safety line providing protection for working at heights.

3.Kee Walk: A modular easy to install a walkway system. It provides a safe, anti-slip, level surface for anyone who needs to access a roof in the course of their work.

4.Kee Gate: Self-closing safety gates for use in rooftop or industrial facilities.

5.Kee Access: Kee Access components are used to create safety handrailing that complies with the UK Equality Act and American Disability Act (ADA)

6.Kee Klamp: Kee Klamp cast iron components to offer the most flexible solution for the construction of safety railing, handrail and guardrail, and barrier solutions

7.Kee Lite: Kee Lite aluminum components offers flexible solutions for the construction of high corrosion resistant safety railing, handrail, guardrail, and barriers.

Guardrail and handrail systems:

Kee Klamp and Kee Lite systems are modular handrail systems that are quick and easy to design and install, with just a hex tool and tube cutter. Our handrail systems have two major components; tubes and fittings. The system offers flexible solutions for all designs and types of a handrail. There is no welding or threading required, which offers savings on both time and money and allows executing big jobs in a very efficient time.


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