Civil Construction

The initial success of SAFETY ACCESS INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. was in the field of Civil construction. The company had been involved in large Civil, Electrical & Maintenance work. In the recent past, Safety Access had been able to secure its major contracts, launching the company into the Major League.

We provide training in construction and safety. The Company is specialized and well equipped to execute short term & long term projects in the civil works mainly in the following disciplines.

  • Construction of Substation building
  • Construction of SVC Electrical building
  • Industrial Construction
  • Steel Plants
  • Cooling Towers
  • Electrical buildings
  • Construction of commercial and residential buildings
  • Construction of roads and access roads
  • Construction of cellular tower foundations, columns, and erection
  • Construction of trenches for cable and pipes
  • Underground utilities
  • Trenching
  • Construction of duct banks
  • Laying of underground cables
  • Re-asphalting work
  • Sewerage system and piping
  • Maintenance & renovation
  • Demolition Work

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